Best Story I Never Told

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The Best Story I Never Told is a podcast interview series hosted by writer/filmmaker David Ngo where his guests get vulnerable and reveal their best UNTOLD story publicly for the very first time.

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Our Collection of Stories. Please Enjoy.

  1. #42 The True Story Behind The Ghostfacers by Trey Callaway
  2. #41 Tarot Card Visitor by David Ngo
  3. #40 That One Day in New York by Carlito Rodriguez
  4. #39 My Breakthrough at Target by Harmonie T. Tangonan
  5. #38 The Real Reason I'm Making a Movie by Ringo Le
  6. #37 The Job Interview I Don't Talk About by Marina Mularz
  7. #36 Things Korean Dads Say by Robert Woo
  8. #35 Trapped in the Trenches of High School by Justin Warren
  9. #34 The Party That Mushroomed Into More by Ben Cresciman
  10. #33 Do You Step In Or Step Away? by Jeanie Bergen
  11. #32 Mama’s Got Jokes But She’s Serious by Milton Liu
  12. Bonus clip: My Love, My Love by Jared Hernandez
  13. #31 Trying Not to Fangirl on Andrew Lloyd Webber by Alexis Marsh
  14. #30 Drawing Away From My Family by Dawn Wing
  15. #29 The Best Song I Never Sung by Jared Hernandez
  16. #28 My Last Night Alone in Jerusalem by Nikki Brown
  17. #27 The Line Between Affection and Aggression by Gloses Gorbaldi
  18. #26 From Comedy to Drama to Hostels by Stephanie Coggins
  19. #25 The Unexpected Way to Say I Love You by Ashley Dulaney
  20. #24 The High School Crush That Wouldn’t Talk by Annie Nishida
  21. #23 Searching for My Brother on Thanksgiving by Damian Baxter
  22. #22 An Epic Confession to My Jersey Parents by Meera Menon
  23. #21 The Hidden Details of My Adoption by Michelle Krusiec
  24. #20 I Once Took Clown Lessons by Zury Ruiz
  25. #19 Flying Wasn't A Problem Until... by Steve Greene
  26. #18 The Stranger I Met in Spain by Paloma Martinez
  27. #17 The Moment I Undervalued Myself and How I Stopped Doing That by Mark McClain Wilson
  28. #16 The Apartment Nightmare from Hell by Maria Ochoa
  29. #15 The Celebrity Burrito That Changed My Life by Julian Kiani
  30. #14: My Little Boy Has An Existential Crisis by David Ngo and his son 11:00
  31. #13: The Supernatural End of a Friendship by Lindsey Villarreal 36:11
  32. #12: The Soldier That Read My Screenplays While at War by Lila McLaughlin 36:44
  33. #11: A Mystical Song for Grandma by Leah Benavides 37:27
  34. #10: Pitching to a Priest by Kevin Del Principe 40:22
  35. #9: Key Lime Pie by Jin Yoo-Kim 35:07
  36. #8: Bully Me Twice? by H the Therapist 36:26
  37. #7: The Buried Memory of a Gold Chain by Derek Dow 38:33
  38. #6: The Bolivian Ghost Motel by David Ngo 31:14
  39. #5: My Name, Santa Claus, and Carson Daly by Dan McCarthy 37:35
  40. #4: The Fifth Grade Book Protest by Carlos Collard 44:55
  41. #3: My Blunt 20-Year Secret by Bernie Duran, Jr. 30:55
  42. #2: That One Luther Vandross Song About Fathers by Allan Axibal-Cordero 45:52
  43. #1: Funeral Runway Fashion by Alisha Cowan 31:07
  44. Volume One Preview 2:52